Baby Boomer Proactive Retiring Can Show You How To Retire With Confidence


Baby boomer proactive retiring focuses on baby boomer who will be 62 in 10 years and ready to collect social security (US) benefits, along with 30 million other qualified Americans.

Will there be enough benefits for everybody? Will it keep up with inflation?

I think not, so I feel that baby boomer proactive retiring is an essential issue for everybody who is in this group.

I emigrated to the US in 1964 and had gone through grade school, high school and college in New York City; living mostly in rental apartments. Then after I got my B.S. in Engineering, I went to work for a giant Fortune 500 computer company in Kingston, New York, and became a landlord there as well.


I came back to Bangkok in 1989 and had worked for a few computer giants here for many years. Last year my wife got involved in a few real estate units and both of us have been very happy finding apartments for someone who needs them ever since. See more of our backgrounds at About Us.

What you can get from us; 

           We can show you what you can do today to supplement your social security income when you are ready to retire.

           Discover a hidden talent and turn it into a second career

           Proactively plan and execute your retirement road map

           All of our guidelines will not jeopardize your current employment.

           We practice what we preach.

           You only win with our strategies.

           You will enjoy your current job more.

What you can avoid; 

           Loosing unrecoverable precious time

           Miss a chance to find your hidden talents

           Boredom at your current job

           Uncertainty at your place of employment

           Thinking about how secure is my pension?

           Be too passive about retiring and put your future

           in someone else hands

           Boredom when you actually retire

Let’s get started.

First and foremost, I feel that Social Security (US) benefits alone will not be enough to live comfortably in 10 years. My mother is retiring in Florida right now, and her social security alone is not enough to cover all her expenses. Baby boomer proactive retiring could have helped.

Secondly, a company pension cannot be relied upon 100%. Many things can happen between now and the next 15 years, before I start to collect my pension from a US company I worked for. If I do get it, I would consider it a nice bonus.

Thirdly, IRA accounts and other self-investment activities may not be enough by themselves. I know, in my case, from time to time I did dip into it and I think most people do it as well. And how many individuals really put away $2000 a year, year-in and year-out ? So, consider it as a nice supplement to have when you are ready to retire.

So now we come to what I want to propose. Let’s relies on ourselves today. We should take some actions today to insure our security when we retire. This is the core foundation of baby boomer proactive retiring.

We can take some actions today, by planning and executing a part time-job right now. It would be a part time-job that does not in any way jeopardizing your existing employment.

This part-time job could lead to a second career, something that you really enjoy doing now and after you retire. However, if you already have a job that you love, then you are a lucky few. You can still pursue a part-time job, something along the line of hobbies; I will elaborate upon.

Why do it now ?

Because the risk is small and you still have your main job to rely upon.

Secondly, you have the time to do it. I assume you are a baby boomer and expect to retire in about 10 to 15 years; less will even make it more crucial to do it.

Thirdly, you could only win; because you will do it systematically and steadily.

Fourthly, you will discover your hidden talents and while you are doing this, you will enjoy your current main job more, knowing that you have a back-up plan.

Fifthly, you are more likely to live longer, due to various medical technology advances. My mother is now 84, and she has been collected Social Security since she was 62; she is not even part of the baby boomer generation.

There is a life expectancy calculator on the Internet; the calculation is based on your current life style, smoking and drinking habits and exercise routines. I tried it out, and it told me that I am expected to be around until I am 97, and that 35 year after I am qualified for an early retirement at 62. This is like a second lifetime. You will get bored after one month of retiring doing nothing.

I dare say that most baby boomers are workaholic, more or less; I am included.

Lastly, even if you totally fail, you win, because you have tried and pretty much back to square one. I seriously doubt that this will happen.

Now, some part-time job suggestions; 

Real estate rental (1)

Real estate agent (2)

Fixer-upper (3)

Carpentry (4)

Handyman (5)

Furniture Restoration (6)

Education Services (7)

EBook Writers (8)

Photography (9)

Limosine/Taxi (10)

I have put in details on the “how” for each of the above suggestions. Checkout the navigation bars on the left and see some baby boomer workplaces. I encourage everybody to put up his experience in the blog so that we can all share and benefit.

Disclaimers: I am not a financial advisor or an investment advisor, so if you like a particular suggestion and strategy, you should get some more details on the subject, although I have tried to get as much useful information for you here as possible. All suggestions presented here are my personal belief and some experiences that they are possible to do, and I have tried to be as objective as possible.

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